5 Reasons To Use a Licensed Electrician Instead of DIY

5 Reasons To Use a Licensed Electrician Instead of DIY

No matter how simple you think it may be, electrical repairs always involve significant risk to life and limb. Here are five reasons to use a licensed electrician instead of DIY.


The most obvious of our reasons to use a licensed electrician instead of DIY is safety. Electrical repairs are rarely as simple as finding the right circuit to turn off, and connecting a few wires. First, are you sure you turned off the correct circuit? If you’re wrong, it could cost you your life.

The risks of electrocution and devastating house fires when you DIY electrical work are very real. “Hey, I wonder where this wire goes?” could very well be the last words you ever speak. Hire a professional licensed electrician even if you think you’re looking at a very minor repair.

Code Compliance

Licensed electricians keep up with changes in building codes. They can tell you if your wiring and circuit box are code compliant, or if they aren’t. And if your electrical system isn’t in compliance, a licensed professional can explain the consequences, from fines to fires.

Bad Wiring

A functioning bad connection is still a bad connection. There’s no point in repairing or reconnecting an electrical fixture to wiring that is destined to fail anyway. A licensed professional is trained to recognize problematic types of wiring that are often present in older homes.

Overloaded Circuits

Usually, homeowners discover overloaded circuits when the lights go out, the dishwasher quits, or the TV shuts down. But another of our five reasons to use a licensed electrician instead of DIY is that licensed pros can tell you exactly how many devices, appliances, lamps, and chargers a particular circuit can handle.

Suppose you wire a new appliance or light fixture yourself without understanding what else is on the same circuit. In that case, you could be unwittingly overloading the circuit and creating, at best, an annoyance, and at worst, a life- and home-threatening fire hazard.

Accountability and Insurance

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that insurance companies are picky about electrical systems and electrical work. You may think you’re saving money by wiring an outlet or light fixture yourself, but when the thing starts smoking and throwing sparks, you’ll find your efforts cost you a lot more in the long run than hiring a licensed professional electrician would have cost in the first place.

Furthermore, professional electricians have their licenses on the line when they work for you. You can rest easy knowing there won’t be any cutting corners, half-measures, or stones unturned. Licensed electricians ensure they do the work correctly, and that their work complies with applicable codes, because they want to keep their license and their business.

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